Snorkel and Dive to Stay Healthy

Going to a health club or gym will help you lose those pounds. You can walk, jog or run to keep it down and maintain the right weight, but playing an actual sport will be so much more fun. You may try tennis, basketball or swimming. They are all great. The best option, however, for sea lovers will be diving or snorkeling. They are both great exercises to stay fit. Plus, there is the additional bonus of seeing the amazing aquatic world of marine life and corals.

Improve Your Health With Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

You will always have better results if you do something you actually love or doing, as this will help you sustain the activity. So many people go to the gym for a few days, only to lose interest, because they don’t enjoy it. Both snorkeling and scuba will help you burn those calories and shed the excess pounds. They will also tone and tighten your body.

In fact, you can burn anything between 250 and 500 calories each hour with this, depending on the kind of dive and your experience. Besides, the joints in your body will also stay mobile. These are low-impact sports, so scuba diving or snorkeling will never worsen a leg or knee issue you may have presently. This is why you will often see many seniors enjoying them as well.

Give Your Body a Complete Workout

Scuba diving and snorkeling will both give your body the complete workout, as your arms, legs, and muscles will get exercise when you push against the water’s natural resistance. Your legs will get the workout as you kick harder to fight the resistance of the fins that are attached to your legs.

Your lungs and heart’s health will improve too. Your heart rate will increase as you go down, and your heart will have to pump more blood. Your lung capacity will increase as you have to hold the breath while you are below the water.

Your muscle tone will improve too. Under water, you need to carry some weight because of all that diving equipment. As a result, you will get the same result as lifting weights.

Exercising through diving and snorkeling will lift your mood and help you fight stress, which has several benefits. Endorphins, the feel-good hormone is released and helps you beat anxiety.

So go ahead. Enjoy your water activities. Just make sure that you have the best full face snorkel mask and the other equipment with you.