Rimsky Korsakov's Piano Concerto
2004 / 16:50
Here's a recording of the piano concerto I played with my old school orchestra on 10th July 2004. There's an introduction at the beginning by the Director of Music for some background info.
Apologies for the slightly fuzzy sound quality - I had to compress it so that it was a suitable size for download

Tchaikovsky's 1st Piano Concerto
2003 / 7:26
One of my dreams was to play the piano with an orchestra, and hence this was probably one of the greatest moments of my life. This is last movement of this concerto, and the concert also consisted of Mozart's 21st Piano Concerto played by a friend. There are some squirmingly-obvious bum notes (one rather unfortunately at the beginning) but I think it went pretty well overall.

Dispossessed (Group Performance)
2001 / 2:34
his is a group performance of people in my GCSE music class, but I composed and generally organised it. It was spurred on when the 'London Mozart Group' came around our school. Our class and 'Coombe Girls' were divided into groups, and had to come up with a piece based on a made-up script called 'Dispossessed'.

2006 / 3:10
Composed within a limited time for a 'composers recital' at Worcester, this is one of a series of an eventual 7 based on the 7 deadly sins. This recording is the performance on the evening itself.

Lune de Lumiere
2004 / 4:38
My A2-level "Romantic Miniature" composition, performed on piano. The idea of the piece was to exploit 'repitition' on a number of different levels, from the repitition of small motifs or even single notes to the repetition of whole phrases.

Theme and Variations (A2)
2004 / 5:28
The second of my A2 compositions. There are 3 variations of the initial classical-style theme, the first legato, the second jagged and staccato, and the last highly virtuosic (I kinda went all out on the virtuosic front after realising I didn't have time to get the piece performed).

Christmas Carol (Version 2)
2003 / 3:40
Our winter term task for A2 was to right a Christmas Carol to be performed at our school Christmas service. I decided to reuse the carol I had wrote previously (see below) this time arranging it for a choir instead of a string quartet. In the end the head of music decided to use none of the carols our class had written, and to top it off I discovered that it didn't fit into any of the A2 composition topics. Cheese alert!

Allegro Vivace
2003 / 3:53
My AS-level "Romantic Miniature" composition, performed on piano. It has a regular ABA structure, with the middle B section a slightly plaigarised Chopin-style prelude. I entered this for the "BBC Composition Competition".