These are hymns I've written fairly recently. They are just piano recordings at the moment (scores available soon) and I'm currently in the process of finding a lyricist.

Facing a Task Unfinished 18/05/06
I've made a new music setting to these well known words.
Click here for the original words by Frank Houghton
Probably the most 'congregational' I've written so far.

I had the idea for the verse ages ago, but couldn't quite think of a chorus. I reused an idea from an older hymn, simply because I know it'll never see the light of day! Probably the best 'song' I've written.

My first hymn for 2 months! After feedback from my sister, I tried to make it more triumphant and less 'song-like' than previous hymns I've written.

A ballad-type hymn with a simple verse-chorus structure. Naomi pointed out for me that a tiny bit of the verse sounds a bit like 'The Land Before Time'!

An upbeat hymn, which doesn't sound great piano-wise as it is intended for a rocky-type band. Verse Chorus structure.

The Lord Creator 27/02/06
A more traditional modern hymn, probably my favourite.
(Words done and coming soon)

Bouncy! Again would suit a band more than a piano. Verse Chorus1 Chorus2 structure.

A little bit Matt Redman in style. Has a Verse, Bridge, Chorus structure.

Jesus My Joy
Words available. Folky.

My God and King
Words available.