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Updated 14th March 2005
Hi. If you hadn't already worked it out, I'm Jamie Frost, and I have a great enthusiasm for music among other things.
I'm currently 18, and as of writing I'm at Oxford university in my first year. I absolutely love it there! Career-wise I'm not entirely certain yet what I want to do when I leave university, but it's likely to be either actuary or teaching (maths).
I live in a family of 5 in Surrey, England, my sister currently at university and my brother a year younger (who has a complete obsession with snowboarding and tropical fish).

When I said don't expect an autobiography, I kinda lied. The next section details the musical-related occurances of my life ever since I was a wee little lad.

I've been interested in music since a young age.
My first experience of a keyboard was a mini-organ I got from my auntie when I was 6 or 7. I played it for about a year until my parents decided to buy me a proper keyboard, a treasured item that has now been sold on to some distant land...
I managed to get a taste for public performance by initially playing a 'talent shows' at some tacky holiday park - I managed to get to the grand final once, but was beaten by some loudmouth impressionist.
When I was 9, I started playing piano for my primary school assemblies much to my delight, and soon started lessons to get out of the bad habits I was developing.
My big break came when, with help from my piano teacher, I got to write a piece for a small orchestra in a concert.

My beloved
I didn't actually start composing until I was 9 when I first got a computer. Then I learnt the joy of sequencing! Later on I bought a new keyboard, a PSR-420 (I still have it, gathering dust), which allowed me to be a bit more adventurous with my pieces. At my secondary school, I was in every Christmas concert, and apart from my last year before moving schools for Sixth Form, was in all the school productions, such as 'Joseph and the Technicoloured Dreamcoat', 'Guys and Dolls' and 'Grease'.
In my last school production, a singing teacher (an ex-member of the Royal Opera House, who was the mother of the leading female part 'Sandy'), saw me playing and decided to employ me as an accompanist. At first it just started off playing for an hour on a Friday afternoon for a group a singers about the same age as me, but soon she adventured into private tuition, which got me a good part-time job (which I still have after 3 years!).
At the beginning of 2002, I finally bought another keyboard, this time a more professional PSR-2000. Although it required months and months of debt to my parents (debt of the financial variety, not the mushy 'eternal debt of love' variety), it was certainly worth every penny.

In Sixth Form I moved schools to Tiffin, and the music department there I have a deep debt of gratitude to. I became much more interested in classical music, and had the opportunities I would have never had had in my old school. In November 2003, I played the last movement of Tchaikovsky's 1st Piano Concerto with the school orchestra (there's a recording in the music section), probably the most exhilirating moment of my life. It took me 4 months of intensive practicing, but was worth it!
After deciding that piano concertos were crowd-pleasers, the director of music decided to have some big concert in July 2004 consisting of 3 complete piano concertos: Mozart's 21st, Liszt's 1st and Rimsky-Korsakov's 1st, the last of which I performed and is available in the music section.
At university, musically things have become a little quieter, but as my current 'musical project' I'm learning Prokofiev's 3rd piano concerto, which I might audition with one of the Oxford university orchestras next year.

Here are a few of my favourite things...
Favourite food: That's a difficult one. I'll say sweet and sour chicken or a Chinese in general.
Favourite drink: Cream soda all the way!
Favourite piece: At the moment, Prokofiev's 3rd piano concerto.
Favourite sweet: Sour Skittles (it's all I buy!)
Favourite fruit: Tangerine
Favourite actor: Harrison Ford
Favourite film: Return of the King and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite childhood book: Chronicles of Narnia (I still love them!)
Favourite newspaper: The Times
Favourite thing on TV: "Gormenghast" - it was a BBC production based on a fantasy book. Tried reading it but gave up.

Other Hobbies
Jogging: I've recently started jogging daily, usually 7km. Hopefully I'll be fit enough by next year to enter the London Marathon!
Programming: I've always been quite a mathematical person, and I like applying this logic to programmable scenarios. Artificial Intelligence is my particular area of interest.
Movies: I used to buy a lot of DVDs, but this habit has somewhat dimished lately. I'm anxiously waiting for the 4-disk 3rd Lord of the Rings film.
Reading: I read a lot more than I used to. I just finished reading "The Life of Pi" - I would highly recommend it!
Table tennis: The one sport I'd consider myself good at.

Random stuff

2 gerbils complete
with cat
o I have 2 gerbils called Tchaikovsky and 'Ethel' (my brother is extremely crap at coming up with good animal names).
o According to the test I'm left wing (-3) and slightly liberal (-1).
o My life ambitions are to compose something for the BBC Proms, develop some sort of pioneering software for the medical field, and to own a horse!
o I once taught a school lesson! For some reason, I had the impulsion to ask the head of maths if I could teach just one lower school maths class. She loved the idea, and she assigned me to a Year 8 class known for having a reputation. While everyone was telling me it would be a nightmare, it couldn't have gone better. They were well behaved, took in everything I taught them, and supposedly were asking their teacher afterwards if I could teach them again!
o I'm a committed Christian. Apparently Tony Blair went to the Oxford Anglican church I attend (St. Ebbes).

Pet Peeves (you have been warned)
  • Over-the-top 250 mobile phones, and usually the people that own them. When I replace my broken mobile, I'm purposely going to get the most basic phone to make a statement.
  • Tabloid newspapers - they just turn the general public into a stupid bunch of deadbeats by suggesting celebrity gossip is the most important thing, and that everything is a complete 'outrage'. The Express had the headline "Asylum Seekers spreading aids across our country" the other day - that's really going to help people become less xenophobic.
  • The far-left ultra-liberal shrill sort that are cynical about everything, exaggerate stuff to the extreme (they love to call people 'racist', even if they're not) think all politicians are the incarnate of evil and generally have a one-sided non-practical ideologic opinion for every situation.
  • Illegal downloading - of all controversial issues, this is the one I feel most strongly about, partially because it's being increasingly accepted as the norm. As I see it, downloading movies/music/software without paying for it is absolutely no different from shoplifting it off a store - and I bet noone would try the justify the latter.
  • Harry Potter - many people say that it's encouraged children to read, but the fact is many kids won't read anything else now because of it. I vehemently avoided the 3rd film - it's just bad (child) actors with big attitudes.
  • McDonalds - nasty food!
  • Smoking, especially selfish (and downright bad) parents who smoke around their young children.
  • Bin juice - when working as a theme park cleaner in the holidays, it's a term that brings fear into the hearts of all the team.
  • 'classicfm' - it's a classical radio station that plays the same popular tunes over and over again, and hence causes many to have a 'potted plant' overview of classical music. The soundtrack to Gladiator somehow ended up on their 'best classical pieces ever' list.
  • 'Reverse' snobbery - Some people (including my dad) seem to think that anyone who talks posh, or talks intellectually about classical music/films/arts/etc is a snob. This in itself is snobbery.
Updated 02/03/05 - yes, we Brits are good at moaning!
  • People's 'pavement etiquette', such as groups walking in a long line spanning the pavement, people walking in the middle of the pavement and refusing to move to one side, forcing you to step out of the road, grrrrr...
  • The fact that 80% of this population seem to put 'CofE' as their religion on the cencus, despite the fact about only 10% of people are active about their faith or even know anything about it (except say the Christmas story). If you're an athiest fine, but whatever religion you put on the cencus, even if 'Jedi' (!) make sure you understand what it means!
  • Badger badger badger (mushroom).
  • Channel 4 - often completely immoral, deliberately controversial for the sake of controversy, overtly anti-government and is seen as the mother of crappy reality TV like Big Brother (can produce some good educational programmes though!).
  • The Republican Party.
  • That nasty tracing paper bog roll they often use in schools.
  • Clowns - who finds them appealing?!
  • Chocolate icecream.
  • Marmite.
  • People listing 'Going out with friends' as one of their hobbies. Ofcourse people like to do this!
  • Lipstick - incredibly unsexy ladies.
Man, that was good to get off my chest...