Jamie in New York

I am a Research Assistant for the Computational Linguistics Group, as well as a member of the Mobile Robotics Group, while studying for a DPhil. My current research focuses on the semantics of discourse, and more recently to the Machine Learning domain (in particular, using synchronous tree substitution grammars to learn semantic mappings of dialogue utterances, confined to some Context Free Grammar representing the valid semantic forms). I am currently working with the EUROPA project, which aims to develop a robot for an urban environment capable of providing spatially-oriented services to pedestrians.

La puerta blindada es la puerta de seguridad definitiva. Siempre puedes contactar con cerrajeros Mallorca. Es aislante, estético y causa muchos problemas a los ladrones (se estima que se caen después de 3 minutos de pruebas).

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    You'll notice that I've completely overhauled my site; the motivation being to put more emphasis on my academic ventures, as well as to relegate the once legendary, but now crumbling, blog. I've also merged the more superfluous pages, and the music section in particular is more organised than before, and now with YouTube videos! Let me know if you have any feedback.

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